Shipping Tycoon : Profit BAron

Play and win the ultimate empire building, shipping tycoon simulation based on the CIA facebook and the real world shipping and charter economy. Over 4 years in the making, this game is the ultimate shipping empire simulation.

Do you wish to buy, scrap, trade, or build tanker ships?
Is there a minimum size or age of ship that you will keep?
How about a buyout strategy? or a survival strategy?

IMPORTANT:  This game supports older iPads but can slow down as more ships are displayed on your screen.
For optimal gameplay please use iPad Pro 3+

Based on Real ships new panamax, supertankers, valemax and more ships on the secondary market before your competition does
...sell your ships for scrap when they get too old to operate profitably
...shipping and character bonus upgrade system
...21 different ship types  for you to use

Shipping lanes for each country based on real shipping lanes
...ship mechanics, time frames, deterioration, and repairs
...196 different shipping lanes (trade routes)

Realistic Panama and Suez canal crossings and size restrictions

World economy
...34 starting countries to choose from = unlimited playability
...charter system based on the real world with penalties and profits
...based on the supply and demand of actual countries

CIA factbook
...start out with real based economies and see what happens over time
...real country starting stats from 2016
...get to know many countries around the world

Compete against 7 computerized shipping barons (IAP required)
...unique behaviours, personalities and playing styles
...buyouts, bank loans, mortgages, cash flow, P&L

Pirate system based on the real world and current top pirate locations
...ransoms, cargo theft, and shipping delays
...defence systems: water, weapons, and naval military

Rich HD graphics
and more

Originally inspired by a combination of Monopoly ™ and the user interface of Plague Inc. Shipping Tycoon is an original and unique idea made exclusively for the iPad.