Known Issues and Workarounds

- Want to send a voice message with no more voice or long distance charges? 
- Do you wake up tired, snore, sleepwalk, or talk in your sleep? 

"I really like this..." 5 stars - by svjlhkef89
"...perfect for texting or emailing short messages to your family and friends without a fee..." 5 stars - by Iwilliams1017

VERY IMPORTANT: Please obtain permission from other people before you record them and be aware of local laws.

What Makes Us Different Than OTHER Voice Recording Apps?
- you can send the recording in an email or text (in a format playable by almost every device)
- we can automatically remove low ambient noise periods to cut file sizes and playback time
- you can adjust ambient levels real-time while recording in case you change locations
- you cannot save the recording unless you email it or text it, for extra security
- no registration or purchase required

- Records ip to 3 hours of sounds above the ambient level setting.
- Proportional fast forward and rewind speeds, based on your recording size
- Reloads the last file you recorded on restart (no more lost recording)
- Quickly record a voice message, then email or text a friend(s) = no more calling charges 
- Can record sounds all night long (ie. while you sleep) 
- Only records sounds above the ambient room sounds for minimum file size
- You can re-set the ambient levels real time, while you record (ie. if you change rooms, or turn on the music)
- Students can quickly review lectures and fast forward over unnecessary dialogue 
- View the levels of ambient noise in real time, anywhere (there's always some background noise)
- Can record other app's sounds (except phone calls) 
- Supports email and text (SMS) with attachments (if available)
- Recognizes headphones, but uses external speakers if possible
- You can turn playback sound off/on in real time
- Enhanced low memory handling

WARNING: For your own safety, please do not try and record any ghosts, apparitions, or siblings ;-).

Night Owl

Issue: Ambient Noise.

Taxonomy: The recording contains lots of ambient noise.

1. Adjust ambient noise levels in app, this may take some trial and error as the ambient noise changes from room to room.

Issue: Not recording all night.

Taxonomy: The recording ends prematurely and doesn't record in background mode very well.

1. Adjust ambient noise levels in app, this may take some trial and error as the ambient noise changes from room to room.

1a. Many known issues from version 1.0. Please upgrade to latest version.

1b. Your device can run out of space, 3 hours of recording can exceed space limits, email limits, messaging lists.