Known Issues and Workarounds

Appicons and Launchimages

Issue: Appicon does not create images but says images are created.

Taxonomy: No images are created in the selected directory. This is a bug we reported to Apple since we use the SDK provided open dialog panel.

Steps to repeat:

1. Create a directory using Appicon (open dialog panel)

2. Delete that directory using Finder

3. Use Appicon (open dialog panel) to create images in another existing directory

4. No images were created.


1. Create a new temp directory using Appicon (open panel dialog) and create images in this temp directory

2. Recreate those images in the existing directory originally targeted

Issue: Appicon creates double sized images.

Taxonomy: Non-Retina External Display attached to a MacbookPro with Retina. Appicon does not detect external display.


1. Disconnect external Monitor

2. Quit and Restart Appicon

3. Re-Create images on your Macbook Pro with Retina

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