​​​Abbey's Sleepy Time

Having trouble sleeping?

Need relaxing sounds to help you meditate?

Grandma Abbey says "let me help".

Meditate, Relax, Sleep:
. blue noise, red noise, gray noise, Mains Hum, pink noise, violet noise
. ambient sounds from nature and life
. instrumentals (original and Garage Band)
. sleep/meditation timers up to 2 hours (IAP required)
. count animals or landmarks to focus, sleep or meditate
. play background sounds and count sheep at the same time for extra effect
. 24 hour Alarm clock using notifications and custom alarms
. works in background mode (set and forget)
. badges to quickly see how many alarms you have coming
. sets 3 alarms back to back to make sure you are awake
. snooze support on wake up notification
. wizard for quick 1 button use

Note: App not designed to replace your existing alarm clock, but to be used as a convenient travel alarm.