All SuperMatch "breakers" will win this  SuperMatch Lite POWN'D t-shirt. Please email us from within the APP to claim your prize.

Try our NEW spaghetti mode for extra fun and an entirely new matching card game experience.

Reached Top 10 Card Game in 19 countries -
"Enjoyably Healthy!"-Monkeydoodlewho - 5 Stars
"Fun and addictive game."-Luey56 - 5 Stars

Do you like solitaire or concentration?
SuperMatch is Concentration for all ages. An addictive card game with easy warmup levels and a unique SuperMatch challenge level for the experienced player with an outstanding memory and strategy. Simple to learn and very difficult to master. Better for your health than solitaire, this brain game is a daily workout for your memory and focus, and a fun card game for the entire family.

We love to hear from you. If you have an idea or a question please feel free to contact us via our in app email link.
Any feedback is appreciated.

-new SPAGHETTI mode for all levels
-you can turn off game music or you can play your own music while "matching"
-inspiring music from Los Angeles Guitar Quartet
-play games with symbols or numbers
-quick game times
-unlimited playability, every match is different
-have more fun, use game hints and free flips to score
-extra rewards for matching streaks
-free helpers if you are having trouble
-the more you play, the more bonus points you get
-see unique images from famous Italy landmarks while you play
-game centre leaderboard and achievements
-turn on your sound for audible feedback while playing
-completely free version, no in app purchases

Game music (C) by LAGQ.COM


List of Highest Scores

Easy: 722 by Luey56

Not So Easy: 1186 by onemomsy

Hard: 1696 by Lana1234++

Harder: 2923 by gracecharlie50

Insane: 2702 by mand0106

SuperMatch: 3064 by mand0106

Tri-Match: 1037 by Cazoo

Layer: 1760 by shellik27