Do you enjoy Chess or Checkers?
Attrition is a totally new idea, inspired by the historical game of Chess and the simplicity of Checkers. Easy to learn and difficult to master, this game is enjoyable for all ages.

Reached top 10 Board Game in 6 Countries -

-Wear your enemy down with an onslaught of infantry, then bring on the generals.
-Surprise your enemy with a new and loyal general, behind enemy lines.
-Defend your infantry with a bunker formation.
-Try a sweeping flank attack.

Attrition is a pure strategy game. Like Chess, you will need to outthink your enemy in order to beat him. Play against the computer or a friend.

.Computer auto adjusts to the player skill, after each game.
.Computer will change from aggressive to defensive, on the fly.
.Very simple to play and learn, much harder to master.
.Played on the classic and familiar Chess board.
.Attrition move notation for easy history view.
.Move rewind in case you make a mistake.
.Game center support

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IMPORTANT: All rights reserved. This original game was designed and developed by White Squirrel Software Inc.